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離中美最近的美國機房 光纖落地點隨時準備為您連接北美網絡





產品名稱 處理器 硬盤 帶寬 內存 IPv4 防禦 價格 訂購
美國站群 1C Intel Xeon E3-1270 1TB 硬盤 100Mbps 16GB RAM 253 2Gbps 261$ 立即訂購
美國站群 4C Intel Xeon E3-1270 1TB 硬盤 100Mbps 16GB RAM 244 2Gbps 277$ 立即訂購
美國站群 8C Intel Xeon E3-1270 1TB 硬盤 100Mbps 16GB RAM 232 2Gbps 293$ 立即訂購

Why choose a dedicated server?

  • Exclusive flagship performance
  • The server is designed for resource/performance-intensive WEB applications
  • All machine components adopt top international brands
  • Excellent performance, fault tolerance, and scalability are all for your exclusive use
  • T3 enterprise-level security guarantee
  • The data center is equipped with Golden Shield hardware firewall
  • T3 fault-tolerant security environment, fully redundant network design
  • You have the highest administrative authority and can customize the security policy suitable for the IT environment
  • Low load, high availability
  • We control the utilization rate of the entire data center network within 60%
  • Ensure continued stability. Facing peak hours
  • Each user can enjoy redundant bandwidth exceeding the amount of bandwidth purchased

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